Featured Speakers

My Coupon Keeper
Have you've ever wanted to get into couponing, but found the whole process to be overwhelming? Brandi Ackerman is the designer of the MyCouponKeeper coupon organizing System. She is passionate about saving money and teaching others to do the same. She shares money-saving strategies, tips and tricks and emphasizes that anything you start doing to save money is better than nothing at all. Come listen and learn as she shows you how to Maximize your Savings!
AARP Decide Create Share: Long-term Care Planning For Women
AARP Real Possibilities is dedicated to increasing awareness among women about the depth and breadth of long-term care and the benefits of planning. Informed by research, the initiative's resources engage women as leaders within their families, informal networks, and communities to learn about long-term care, actively plan for a secure future and share what they learn with others. Nationwide, we want to see more women exploring their options and taking steps to actively plan for a more secure future.
Organo Gold
Taste of Home Cooking School
Taste of Home Cooking School Demo with Dana Elliott
Meet Taste of Home Culinary Specialist Dana Elliott. Learn new spring recipes, meal ideas and creative cooking tips. Receive a free bag with valuable coupons & Taste of Home Magazines.
Get Clients Everywhere
Marie Fratoni is a master networker and talented human potential expert and a Founding Mother of the Women’s Success Network. She is "the Queen of Connecting", and brings a wealth of talent and experience to her programs, demonstrating a high level of commitment and expertise.
The Pink Agenda
When Pink is Your Color
Come meet Kiera Palmer, the Atlanta Chair for The Pink Agenda. The Pink Agenda is a not-for-profit organization committed to raising money for breast cancer research and care, as well as awareness of the disease among young professionals. The Pink Agenda brings its message – and a whole lot of fun – to a new generation of philanthropists through our events, partnerships, outreach and fundraising efforts. We are not afraid to mix things up and have found that when good people come together for a good cause, great things happen.
LaShawn McCrary
Loving, Accepting, and Empowering your Authentic Self
Author, Life Coach, Speaker, Personal Trainer, Reiki Practitioner, LaShawn McCrary, is dedicated to helping women create a life they love, take control of their destiny and experience spiritual, professional, social, intellectual, physical and personal completeness.
Allure Dance Group
Dance Performance and Dance Lesson
Anybody can dance! More and more people are discovering the pleasures and fun of social dancing. What happens in dancing happens first at Allure. Allure offers expert instruction in ballroom, Latin, swing, salsa, nightclub or just about any partnership dance of your choice. The experienced instructors emphasize teaching not just the steps of dance, but creating and nurturing a love of dance. They teach all the moves of social dance by breaking down each move into small steps that can be easily learned.
Linda Minnick Consulting
Release Your Past and Embrace Your Future
Change? It's part of our make-up. We are programmed to grow. So why can it be so difficult? Your life is a reflection of your "beliefs" As a result of past conditioning, we sometimes think and behave in self-defeating ways. Changing subconscious beliefs can help you: Experience abundance in every aspect of your life, Reduce stress and anxiety, Increase your sense of well-being, and so much more! Join us to find out how you can become a master of your beliefs rather than a victim of their consequences and create the change you're looking for.
Clarity USA
Learn about careers in merchant services and credit card processing. Women business owners connect with women sales professionals. Concrete strategies for living a proactive lifestyle, and offers tools to grow your income on a part file or full time basis.
Taste and Savor Cooking Demo
Healthy Chef Partyologist Nancy Waldeck loves to share easy, healthy and delicious recipes and tasty wine tips. Her "Stealth Health" philosophy will help you cook the food that you love that will love you back! Join us for an hour long show.
Power House Self Defense
Personal Safety & Empowerment Demonstration
Personal Safety with a HOLISTIC Approach. We will demonstrate Emotional Self-Defense techniques, like Recognizing dangerous behavior; How to use your Voice effectively, and Physical Self-Defense Techniques.
Your Virtual Portal
Point & Click Viral Mobile Video Marketing in Under 10 minutes
Your Virtual Portal was created to help entrepreneurs capitalize on a growing worldwide trend, providing technology solutions that are as easy as plug-n-play, so that entrepreneurs, business people, students, and moms and dads can keep up with the ever changing world.
Share the Sizzle
Turn on your Tribe: Provoke, Promote and Profit with video.
Video is how people are growing their communities and their businesses today. Join Blane Friest from sharethesizzle.com to learn what makes an effective marketing video, how to leverage the vast resources of the internet (many of them free!) get some tips and tricks on how to use what you already own to make great videos that will Sizzle your Biz!
Mande White International Inc
7 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make That Keep Them Struggling to Get Clients, Overwhelmed and Underpaid
• How your heart maybe holding you back from making you money AND how you can have both a heart-filled and profitable business
• Why the most intuitive way to get clients actually backfires and how you can easily attract your perfect clients AND have them pay you more
• How your deep desire to serve maybe causing people to say ‘No’ and how to get them to say ‘Yes’ to your best you have to offer
• How to talk about what you do in a way that doubles or triples your sales
• The 1 simple technique that makes sales so much easier…people will almost sell themselves on what you have to offer
• How to choose between business strategies that will move you ahead with baby steps or quantum leaps
• The 3 business fundamentals that most coaches overlook-miss any one of these and your marketing will be completely ineffective
Rechargeable Nutrients
Mitochondria, Glycation, and Rechargeable Nutrients
Learn about the root cause of premature aging and disease - how to fuel our cellular batteries and combat "glycation" (sugar sticking to fat and protein in the body). Presented by Dr. Doug Gabbert.
American Alternative Healthcare
Nutrition and Family Wellness
Using a noninvasive approach to analyze the body and determine underlying causes of ill health. Body systems are corrected and healing begins through safe, natural and nutritional means.
Core Health and Wellness Acupuncture
Acupuncture and You!
Acupuncture helps facilitate healing, pain relief, fertility issues, weight concerns, hormone imbalances and immune disorders. Also, improves the look and feel of skin with face, neck and abdominal cosmetic protocols!
Safe Haven Healing
Introduction to the Art of Feminine Presence
Want to reclaim your natural feminine radiance, lose the pressure to be perfect, and be more effective in the world? When a woman is in her feminine essence, she doesn’t have to push so hard. Come learn some simple steps you can do to feel like the naturally magnetic, vibrant woman you are!
X-3 Sports
Mixed Martial Arts Fitness
We will be presenting ways to get in better shape and see real results while learning valuable technique that could help anyone out in real life, threatening situations. Our variety of 9 different classes, gives people the option to either learn a Mixed Martial Art like Kickboxing, or Boxing, or Muay Thai, MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or take regular sports related classes like Interval /Circuit Training, or Weight Lifting. We will have a trainer with us to let people work on hitting focus mitts and improve their technique.
Body by Vi
The Body by Vi Challenge
Hilltop Expos offers professional show management. Producing quality trade shows, Hilltop Expos is owned and run by experienced trade show experts. Contact Hilltop Expos today to find out about exhibiting opportunities.